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ANTICIPATE:Xlord jay-Baka ft. baby lash and seaman

ANTICIPATE:Xlord jay-Baka ft. baby lash and seaman
Fresh from the stable of krested code entertainment (KCE GANG) present Xlord jay baka on this song which he feature baby lash and seaman,this classic tune is produced by seaman, dropping soon on ur favorite blog..to be premiered first on this blog..Follow him on twitter @i_am_xlord
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[2013-04-23 08:07:33] john :

The long waited song is here again and I just can't wait to have it on my phone

[2013-04-23 08:43:58] baron :

Yess tins

[2014-05-13 08:16:40] pg9h5UW3ts8 :

This is way better than a brick & mortar esebilashmtnt.

[2013-04-23 09:10:16] Dr. RAH :

I beleive u will blow off d street of Lagos

[2013-04-23 09:14:07] jay :

Solid, nice one...

[2013-04-23 10:32:24] Echie war :

I luv everthing around

[2014-05-13 14:44:40] CzBahrhpE :

You really saved my skin with this inotrmafion. Thanks!

[2013-04-23 11:59:40] john :

Xlord is a star and I love ur songs but make sure the hit is real becos I believe u scatter

[2013-04-26 07:58:54] cexy onyi. :

Bigup to u xlordy I dey feeeel u,more greez to ur elbow man

[2013-04-29 12:32:09] martha :

I love your songs right from the beginning at Wadata mkd becos I believe your dreams

[2014-05-14 00:56:32] fnUGwZBnPE4H :

Thanks for sharing. Your post is a useful coitributnon.

[2013-04-29 12:34:54] Gloria :

Now that you are going up up pls remember where we first started ohhh becos I don't want to lose u to other indomie girls

[2013-04-29 12:38:22] obioma :

Xlord jay I love your concept, hope you sang this for me as ever? Ur song titled snake dance is a hit in my area now in portharcourt

[2013-04-29 12:48:03] xlord jay :

I love and Respect u guys all. Without you am nobody so no forming from we oh

[2013-04-29 12:51:34] sustain :

The Baka master I just can wait to hear that your lovely song “love Again” wen will I have it online boss becos I can't wait to have it boss becos am always loyal to ur mode of singing.

[2013-04-29 15:37:24] 4real :

Bros na so e suppose to the be, since KRESTED C¤DE ENTERTAINMENT Gang sign you last february u na big boy now ohhh becos I dey see your post and I dey hear about for 96.5

[2013-04-29 15:58:48] Godspella :

Bro I love the Game u into my dude, the Music u play is getting us high and so so high I love Baka

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