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GIST:D'banj acquires Suit of Money from Okunoren worth $25, 000

GIST:D'banj acquires Suit of Money from Okunoren worth $25, 000
International superstar, entertainer and Oliver Twist crooner, Dapo Oyebanjo popularly known as D’banj is always breaking new grounds in terms of his wardrobe and clothing items. In a recent newspaper interview, he confirmed he wears the same wristwatch as American rapper Jay-Z, valued at $50,000. He has been appointed as the Hennessy Artistry artiste for 2013 and also recently became the Goodwill ambassador for the Bank of Industry. D’banj has continued to rise in stardom despite his split from erstwhile partner and friend, Don Jazzy. He has continued to command huge sums of money in endorsements, appearances and performances thus still making him the highest earning Nigerian artiste of all time. His DKM concert being held on June 23rd 2013 at the Eko Hotel & Suites will feature International rapper, 2Chainz as well as another surprise guest.This increasing earning power has also led to an increase in spending as D’banj just took delivery of what is known as the “Suit of Money”. Designed by Okunoren, Nigeria’s leading clothing brand, the Suit is made of actual One Hundred Dollar bills and cost a whopping $25,000, which is approximately N3.7 million. It was entirely sewn by hand in London but was then taken to Italy for the specialized Milanese buttonholes to be done at the same factory used by Tom Ford. His new song titled Blame it on the Money”, featuring Snoop Lion and fellow Good Music act Big Sean goes further to emphasize his wealth where he states he is unapologetic for being rich, it is set to become one of the major anthems this summer.
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[2014-05-13 14:25:54] q9a1nI5uMln :

Let's face it,the only thing dbang cld av over ikechukwu is money..killz has it all you fuck faced fools,hating on d boy cos he's jus being msedot...Nigerians and their sad hearts,even when dey knw the truth dey still act up like the devil's toys jus to say lies only.....fuck y'all hating on ma yankee dope ibo boy KILLz".......as if he aint gat dough,did y'all 4get he nd naeto schooled abroad? Yh yankee(no b 2day),still killin it anyday.....beta dnt waste ur tym replyin2me.....losers!!

[2014-05-13 14:35:06] GsZie4nOOMbv :

Why are you close to D'banj Ikechukwu?Ikechukwu, this ya little pr is geerad towards ingratiating yourself with DBanj. Are you close to DBanj cos you are desperate for attention? I think you're close to DBanj (Koko Master) because he has a bigger PEN!S than Don Jazzy. Rumour has it that Don Jazzy's PEN!S is smaller than DBanj's PEN!S. I'd appreciate it if Don Jazzy can publicly declare on his Twitter page that his PEN!S is bigger than DBanj's PEN!S.

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