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GIST-Check out Mercy Johnson's N15million Lexus GX 460 + visits OJB

GIST-Check out Mercy Johnson's N15million Lexus GX 460 + visits OJB
Her husband, Prince Odi Okojie, bought her the SUV a few weeks back. Peep the plate number. Meanwhile Mercy Johnson was spotted at OJB's Gbaja residence this afternoon. Heard she made a generous donation to the ailing music producer but didn't want her photos taken. So my pap took a photo of her car instead...:-) Also heard that so far OJB has only been able to raise N3million. Don Jazzy, Ruggedman and Mercy Johnson Okojie are the only well known celebs that have donated so far. Though I hear P-Square and their brother Jude Okoye are planning to pay him a visit soon. I'm kinda surprised it's taking this long to raise this money. I can't tell his colleagues what to do with their money, but c'mon guys! C'mon!
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[2014-05-13 01:02:52] T82VmMmsc :

News like this break my heart and it breaks my heart too that I do notihng about it but love my own kiddos. What I can't totally understand is why continue having these children in their care when they don't care about them? I doubt if the suffering of the children is out of hatred towards them it's out of hatred towards the hateful self and hateful self only sees hateful circumstances which they might be blaming. When all these things happen my questions to God are, How come they are not able to feel Your touch Lord? и Did the devil win on this one Lord? I hope I can have an answer and understanding to my questions. In the meantime I have to pray anew for all the kiddos in the world. If grown men and women surrendered to the sufferings what more these precious angels? How come we're in the world where some value things more than lives? Grateful to God for your loving heart Linda.bendedspoon наскоро публикуван..

[2014-05-13 01:43:22] 4rDbW4iR :

Знаеш ли, I never even considered the far renacihg pain the Barahona story will create. Are the kids at school, or their teachers, or the friends down the street better off without Nubia? Glad that Victor has been removed from his adoptive home and their lives? I don't think so.Fwiw, evidence now shows that Jorge Barahona, before leaving Miami, actually beat his daughter to death with his fists while she screamed, then finally stopped. Since Victor was always kept in the bathtub, I assume he heard everything. His twin good God. Mercy? My anger still far exceeds any notion of mercy that might lie dormant within me. Maybe someday, but not today. Their crime is unforgivable, at least by me.Thanks for commenting, Тим and I really liked Living in the Dark sensitive, nostalgic, and highly recommended.Прегръдки за вас : )

[2018-03-11 12:06:59] AAcquilmAncElE :

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