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Photo: Terry G visits Charlyboy at his office ahead of Abuja concert

Photo: Terry G visits Charlyboy at his office ahead of Abuja concert
Terry G visited Charly Boy's New Wave Productions office yesterday Thursday June 27th where he officially presented the AreaFada with his latest album titled Book of Ginjah. Terry G is in Abuja for his Book of Ginjah concert (launch of his new album) which will hold at the ThisDay Dome on the 5th of July.
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[2014-04-13 08:40:51] D11i0JTF7HU :

Gary: I'm not gonna fly up from Alabama and not record it. ;) I can get a SBD patch, but I'm a snob and rlelay not the biggest fan of them, actually. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a SBD, and all things told, I'll typically take a good AUD over a SBD. And I make good AUDs. ;)[Although I may try to get a second recording device and plug in for a SBD patch so I can matrix the two. But I did just drop $200 on airfare, so am I rlelay gonna drop $300 more on a recorder? Hm.]Josh: It rlelay scares me how people are obsessed with that guitar. I also think that it could get auctioned on eBay for five figures, given the level of obsession with it.

[2014-04-15 05:14:12] QtDrlhf7DOXB :

I do sort of. I pull out a pile from my bookshelves of books that need to be read that month and I pick from the pile. They're<a href=""> moslty</a> all review books that are set to release. Nowadays books that I buy get put on the back burner as I try to get review books read first.

[2014-05-11 22:44:50] wz0nD7vFs7 :

A wonderful job. Super helpful ininmratfoo.

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