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GIST:Iyanya Reveals Birthday Boy, Wizkid, Inspires Him

GIST:Iyanya Reveals Birthday Boy, Wizkid, Inspires Him
Recently, Iyanya, revealed that his inspiration while going through problems earlier in his career was younger EME act WIzkid. Iyanya disclosed that he got inspired by the latter to keep his head high in the music industry and achieved the success he has today. Wizkid had a natural way to the top by getting his hit track ”holla at your boy” top the polls and sincethen the Starboy act hasn’t looked back. For Iyanya, just when many though the would become a household name in Nigeria after he won the maidenedition of the MTN sponsored musictalent show, the Calabar-born singer struggled for few years until luck smiled at him and he burst into fame with his hit track ‘Kukere’.Speaking recently on a TV show, the singer disclosed how Wizkid inspired him in the music industry. He explained that when he thought of giving up because of the cold reception for his RnB single entitled ‘True Love,’ which he released after winning the competition, the success Wizkid’s ‘Holla At Ur Boy’ made and the subsequent singles released by the 23-year-old made him to say to himself that if Wizkid could do it, he could, which gave rise to his ‘Kukere’ hit track.
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