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NEW Music: Mr Dyke ft Waheed & Rakky212- Smile

NEW Music: Mr Dyke ft Waheed & Rakky212- Smile
Mr Dyke ft Waheed & Rakky212 here again with another Dope Rap Smile_ Listen to punch that many stars love a lot. Real rap is here Mix tap we sex tapes click Download tell ur guy also Download Song
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[2013-08-27 23:18:43] sarcastic :

Dope shit ....

[2014-05-12 23:46:10] k3XV6tdRlL25 :

Umm, are you really just giving this info out for nonithg?

[2013-08-27 23:20:16] killer mode :


[2013-08-27 23:22:38] that dope chick :

This track aint shit ..wack song flips ma hair n walk away

[2014-05-13 08:41:20] GOqPJSaU :

That's an astute answer to a tricky quisteon

[2013-08-27 23:30:52] Loyal soulja :

Lord save us from wack songs..Sadiq watin come b dis na

[2014-05-13 09:05:51] S1PYK6VvhG :

Too many coeltimmnps too little space, thanks!

[2013-08-27 23:32:16] Gospel on d beat :

hip pop .....this track is #onpoint ...I'll like to meet these rappers

[2014-05-13 09:16:26] vBXIqt9WpWN :

Whoa, things just got a whole lot eaires.

[2013-08-27 23:35:06] sarcastic :

Loyal souja ure too dumb

[2013-08-27 23:36:25] Qidas :

Jah bless...Pure #hip pop

[2013-08-27 23:50:21] Jessica :

Life is a thousand words call it picture,slim and tall never mind his nature ......cool I'll lik to know this guy

[2013-08-28 00:07:20] no eyes :

Sadiq u just dey post pple song bt u no won post ur own abi

[2014-05-13 02:35:36] c2CI2DfPjTUE :

That's an inventive answer to an inetiestrng question

[2013-08-28 00:10:39] Qidas is ma Boo :

Qidas you just forgot me abi ... No calls no emails

[2013-08-28 00:46:13] Mr Dyke :

If you aint feeling my punch u aint seeing tha lord Email: dykelovelove@yahoo.com ping: 32A5946D I Love u all

[2014-05-13 13:17:17] nG1Z9Ho4 :

That's a slick answer to a chlinelgang question

[2013-08-28 01:02:53] Mr Dyke :

Call me rap raster microphone blaster giving a hit in a white class cup I got my mission its 10 years far but I broth it to 10 days life is a thousand words call it picture run ask me I can tell you future slim and tall never mind is nature open up and fly lemme call u vulture hello mr dyke were is bank of love I'm steel the bank baby hope u need love lemme jst make this like bam bam big lo cos u knw that those niggas feeling my name that's why when they see me them like screen me hello hello mr dyke lemme make u fella fella now those niggas now looking at me I'm the real hood

[2014-05-11 21:46:48] S44PQ7ENMG :

I've been lonikog for a post like this forever (and a day)

[2014-05-13 14:30:30] fKSngFsh9dw9 :

You really saved my skin with this ininomatfor. Thanks!

[2015-04-20 14:54:38] Waloh :

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